Friday, January 06, 2006

Holidays, Christmas, and Mithras

A lot of people have been making a big stink this year over the use of happy holidays rather than merry Christmas in advertisements. D-Train made a good point about this when he asked if these people would prefer that the commercialization of the season became more focused on Christ. The problem here that I see, is that the commercialization is the holiday. Or rather, the culture is the holiday and the commercialization is one of the biggest parts of it. These people who are protesting don't really understand what wicket they are trying to defend. The holiday of Christmas has more pagan elements than Christian ones anyway. The Yule log is pagan, the Christmas tree is pagan, the day itself was borrowed from the birthday of the god Mithras. It's is interesting to me how religious leaders can rally people to protest percieved attacks on religion but won't rally people to volunteer time or talents. It would make more sense to me if the attacks against Christmas they are trying to defend against were actually attacks. As it is, I think that it is simply an attempt at religious inclusion which I see as only positive. Even if these are attacks, Christmas isnt going away and people know that. No one has Happy Hannukah ads on TV, but I would bet that it still gets celebrated. If preachers don't trust their parishioners to honor the holiday without tv ads, then I don't know why they are preaching at all.


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Good parting shot, LJ. I feel the same way about the prayer in schools crowd: if you can't teach your kid religion, you don't deserve to pass it on. Good parents teach good principles that are ignored a lot of the time, but having it forced on them at school does no good whatsoever.

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